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Kristofferson Tutoring Services and Policies
Cancellations and Illnesses:

If your student is  ill, I have a document camera and can do a tutoring session via Skype/FaceTime videoconference if he/she feels up to doing so.

I do not get paid sick leave, so I would appreciate not being knowingly exposed to illnesses.  If I become ill, I cancel face-to-face appointments and work via teleconference.  I expect students to do likewise.  If I am incapacitated, this not only affects me but also hinders my students from getting the help they requested.

I purposely keep my rates affordable (I know less qualified tutors charging over $100/hr!), so please honor this policy so that I can continue to help you.  

If sessions need to be canceled or rescheduled (see * at right), please provide me with at least 24 hours advance notice by calling me, not via email.  I will charge a $30 cancellation fee if 24 hours advance notice is not given for any reason other than a sudden illness.

However, if you wake up ill the morning of our session, the cancellation fee will be waived if we can't meet via videoconference.  Please alert me to your condition as soon as possible by calling me.  Thank you!

Unfortunately, the proliferation of telemarketing calls no longer allows me to list my phone number on this website.

My schedule is very tight, and I am having to turn down new students' requests for help because of scheduling problems.

If you need to cancel a session, it will probably not be possible to reschedule it.

Not having a homework assignment the day of our meeting is not a reason to cancel.  Even if a student does not have a specific assignment, we can always review or work ahead in the textbook to improve comprehension of upcoming lessons.
Dr. David Kristofferson tutors San Mateo area high school students in all levels of mathematics as well as regular and AP physics and chemistry.

Tutoring sessions can take place at the student's home in San Mateo, at the San Mateo Public Library on 3rd Avenue in downtown San Mateo, or at other mutually agreeable venues.  (NOTE - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all tutoring is provided online using Skype only until further notice).

Students are responsible for bringing their textbook(s) and class assignment information to each session.

Payment (check payable to Kristofferson Tutoring) should be made in advance at the beginning of each month.

The tutoring rate is $60/hr. This work is my passion, not a job, and I purposely try to keep my rates affordable so that tutoring does not become exclusively the privelege of the wealthy.


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